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Save money on heating and cooling costs with the right type of insulation for your commercial and agricultural buildings.

An Insulation Company That Understands Construction

We know there are many companies to choose and a wide variety of differ types and prices of insulating materials.So many options can make it a confusing process.With our years of residential and commercial experience, we can show you not just one but several options and explain each along the way.

What many commercial property owners don't realize is that not every type of insulation is right for every situation. You need to know what type of insulating material is most effective for a particular project. And you need to take into account all of the various factors involved.  That's where our experience and expertise comes into play!

We know construction and we understand your business needs.  We don't insulate every property the same way because every situation is different. 

Points To Consider Before You Insulate Your Building:

  • What are the major differences between insulating a residential structure and a pole barn or metal building?
  • When is fiberglass insulation not a good insulating option?
  • (Hint: Fiberglass insulation loses up to 45% of its r-value at this point!)
  • What causes condensation in a structure and how do you prevent it?
  • When do you need a condensation barrier and why?
  • What are the most cost effective ways to insulate the ceiling in a pole barn?
  • What type of insulating materials are best for dealing with insects, mice and other rodents? (Most farmers are losing money because of this!)

You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers (And Solutions)

These are just a very few points you should be asking yourself before insulating your property. But if you don't ask these questions (and others) you will spend far more money than you need to and you'll be regretting it years down the road. (Unfortunately, we come across this all the time.)

If you want to get some solid tips on insulating your commercial property, be sure to watch our video:

 "How To Choose The Right Insulation For Your New Or Existing Building".  (You'll find it at the very bottom of the page.) Farmers and other commercial building owners have told us that it's some of the best information about how to insulate pole buildings and metal structures they've seen.  (Excuse the audio, this is a video recording of a talk we gave at the  45th Annual Power Show Ohio.)

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Types of Insulation We Use

​We use several different kinds of insulation.  Actually, we may even use several different types on the same project. This depends upon the structure and how it's built, its materials, the size of the area being insulated among other factors.  For the majority of most commercial buildings we us spray foam insulation and SATAC.

Spray Foam Insulation


For example, many commercial and agriculture businesses find the solutions we use for most applications have greater insulating capabilities than some of the insulating options they've heard about in commercials such as styrofoam or vermiculite. They've even proven to be a better insulator than fiberglass or rockwool.

Foam kits are popular for small projects such as around electrical plate outlets, but a professional spray on foam application is much more substantial and is definitely not a DIY project. Blown in cellulose can be effective forhome projects such as a wall area, window, a small pipe in the crawl, small duct that you can wrap or even a knee-wall for an attic. But most jobs require a combination of solutions. That holds true for commercial projects or even to insulate many residential areas such as a crawl space, basement walls, a garage door.

Agri Com Insulation at a Toledo job insulating the interior structure

Insulating A Toledo Area Restaurant

Polystyrene can be effective in soundproofing for sound deadening but most property owners find that SATAC is more efficient cost-wise. Besides, SPF generally requires a radiant barrier before the area may be insulated, which adds to the cost.

An energy audit can reveal options that may provide greater insulation r values. We examine the outside roof and interior ceiling of areas within a house or commercial structure. Plus, we can show you comparison studies between our SATAC system and cellulose and even a fiberglass batt or blanket rolls. No doubt, like most Midwest farm owners and property managers, you will be surprised by the energy savings provided over some of the options you may have seen. Some of the information about your property as well as the location can be entered into a calculator to determine your insulation cost and best values. We'll show you the recommended ways to go from ceiling to floor,wall to wall and even spell out the how to along the way.

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Energy Solutions

So whether you're looking for pole barn insulation, a metal building, steel structure, a shed, garage or a major factory green energy solution, contact Agri com Insulation for a solution to reduce your energy overhead.